Recreation and Play Parks


Play and recreation help children have fun, develop confidence and develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Streets and other public areas increasingly have too much traffic for children to play safely, as happened in earlier generations, so providing safe recreation  areas has assumed greater priority. However equipment at some of the traditional recreation areas in our towns and villages has been in need of renewal in recent years.

The Trust has worked with a number of community groups, as well as parish and district councils, to help overhaul the range and quality of play and recreation areas in the area. From Lydd in the west to the Elham Valley and Capel-le-Ferne in the east, significant improvements have been made to the amenities available to young people. New play equipment has been installed, designed to cater for children and young people of all ages, and to be robust enough to withstand wear and tear and the vagaries of the weather. Some of these projects are described in separate entries, and collectively the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust has invested over £500,000 to support playpark projects across the Shepway district and neighbouring areas.